Fees and considerations

Logistics costs include the first weight, continued weight, and operation costs. Product weight (including box weight)


Line characteristics

Time consuming


Customs clearance is easy, fast, and service is better. The length of one side of the package shall not be greater than 60CM.



Easy customs clearance, high cost performance, within 2000g. (UK 5000g).








1. The additional cost caused by the mismatch of the weight and volume of the package, we will contact you in time to discuss the solution
International freight is charged according to the weight and volume of the package. When the volume-based logistics method is selected, if the volumetric weight of the package is greater than the actual weight, it will be charged according to the volumetric weight.
2. Some routes may be taxed or the customs clearance time may be longer
Reminder: The customs of Canada and European countries are stricter on parcel inspections. Commercial express delivery such as DHL, UPS, etc. are more likely to be subject to tariffs. For example, packages with a discount line above 5KG or declared value higher than the tax point may incur taxes. And customs clearance fee (about 10 US dollars), this fee needs to be paid by the recipient.

Available countries
We now support delivery to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. After you select your country on the order page, fill in the delivery address. If you have any questions, you can add our customer service WhatsApp+8619972665564 or send an email to Gmail: leooutdoorofficial@gmail.com