Precautions for goods receipt
1. Check whether the outer packaging of the goods is intact and the sealing of the box is intact before signing.
2. The normal receipt of the goods marks the end of the entire transshipment process. After the parcel is signed, if you have any questions, please feedback to the customer service within 72 hours of the receipt.
1. All or part of the loss caused by natural disasters such as severe weather, thunder and lightning, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters during the transportation of the goods
2. Goods due to weather, customs clearance and other force majeure factors, which lead to over-warranty period, over-warranty period, over-delivery period, etc. will not participate in compensation
3. Due to customs reasons, you need your cooperation and assistance in related operations (including but not limited to the payment of customs duties), but your refusal to cooperate prevents the package from being delivered within the time limit promised by the forwarding service provider. The losses, responsibilities and consequences caused are all borne by you , The transshipment logistics provider does not assume any responsibility.