Couple ski jacket lock temperature windproof waterproof high quality fabric

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  • Containing cotton
  • Windproof: This winter jacket is filled with high-quality cotton to provide good warmth. Lock the temperature in 360 degrees to keep you warm during winter sports
  • Design: Adjustable cuff stretchable gloves with thumb holes help seal and keep warm. Internal windproof snap-button skirt, internal drawstring hem, and detachable and adjustable hood help prevent wind from coming in. The breathable mesh zipper under the arms can quickly wick away sweat, effectively exchange fresh air, and keep the body dry and comfortable at all times
  • Waterproof: This stylish ski jacket uses high-performance waterproof fabric technology to fully block the rain and snow, and meet all winter outdoor sports such as skiing in rain and snow.
  • Anti-static: Men's/women's ski clothing coated fabrics have an added anti-static function, that is, away from the conductive layer formed on the surface of the hydrophobic fiber, making the surface of the fiber hydrophilic, and at the same time ionizing the surface of the fiber, effectively preventing static electricity
  • Color: The rich and beautiful colors of men's ski pants suits will make you a dull winter landscape. Suitable for skiing, hiking, climbing, traveling, camping